Monday, September 12, 2011

about me

There's an 80% chance that I'm wearing corduroy right now.

Helene Rydén (hille). born during a snowstorm in -88 (gotta love a dramatic entrance), in Småland, Sweden.
with a penchant for the british isles (I blame harry potter) there might be some romanticizing of London and Edinburgh, and well; the entirety of Scotland, going on around here.

I've spent most of my life drawing and painting and dreaming of writing books, but I bet you've heard it all before so I'm not gonna bore you further with my perfectly unspectacular life-story.
If you've been looking for the perfect vegan recipe for american pancakes, enjoy looking at LOADS of pictures of harry potter-related stuff, scenic views of sweden/scotland/etc, books I'm reading or plan to read but never do, stuff I paint, or film photography of everything as mentioned prior... this might just be the place for you.
any questions? just write dumble on doors or email me at heleneryden(at)


  1. wtf? chokladdoppade popcorn?! Det måste jag pröva :D

  2. 1, du är så jävla snygg
    2, har en exakt lika dan minolta, hur hittar du batterier till den? eller det kanske inte ens behövs, är helt lost.

  3. vad använder du för rulle till din analoga?
    vart köper du dessa? xx

  4. Hittade precis din blogg och älskar den! Den hamnade direkt på min lista av daglig bloggkonsumtion. Ville bara säga det.