Sunday, February 13, 2011

ni får hemskt gärna slänga en titt på, jag fick nämligen
äran att visa upp lite foton där! finfint. (ni kan ignorera texten,
den är otroligt corny)

if you want to you can check out,
there's an article with some of my photos
(ignore the incredibly corny text)


  1. thanks for the translation! it's so nice when I can understand :) the article is great!
    btw, I've read on your formspring that you study in Jönköping. I've been there few times (first time when I was 3 last one when I was like 12 years old) and I loved it so much! my most beautiful memory is from Midsommar festival. I wish I could visit Sweden again

  2. that's true!
    My parents and I were visiting our friend in Jönköping. I remember they lived in lovely cottage and I was spending whole days close to the lake. That was so great :)